PCP 2011



High-level event on pre-commercial procurement – towards a smarter research and innovation procurement strategy for Europe
11-12 April 2011

Budapest, Hungary


Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) enables public procurers, by acting as technologically demanding first buyers, to drive the development of innovative solutions for public sector challenges from the demand side. In addition to improving the quality and effectiveness of public services, this can help creating opportunities for companies to take international leadership in new markets.

As you may be aware, this year there is for the first time 14 Mio EURO of EC co-financing available for consortia of public authorities from around Europe to undertake pre-commercial procurements together, through the FP7 ICT work programme 2011. Call 8 (July 2011 and January 2012) is an open call where PCP proposals in any area of public interest can be submitted. As PCP is one of the novel funding mechanisms under discussion for wider implementation in the Commission's 8th Framework Programme for R&D, this PCP event is organised back-to-back with the Informal Competitiveness Council meeting of R&D ministers in Budapest on 12 April that will focus on priorities for FP8.  

  • The first day of the PCP event (11 April) consists of a high-level event focusing on the economic drivers and governance models for PCP. The panel debates and key note speeches will focus on questions such as why and how to undertake such procurements based on experiences from Member States and the US, what type of EC support would be most appropriate to catalyse wider implementation of PCP in the context of a smarter research and innovation procurement strategy for Europe.
  • The second day of the PCP event (12 April)
    consists of thematic breakout sessions with public procurers, R&D/innovation ministries and industry on the opportunities to apply PCP across various areas of public interest and how to foster further experience sharing among Member States that are starting to experiment with PCP.

This high-level event would like to introduce not only good practices of PCP but also wants to go beyond them and set some concrete ambitions and milestones to be achieved in the coming years.

On this webpage you can find all information about the conference, the venue and the registration. Registration to the conference is open until 18th March 2011.


Final Agenda

List of participants

Photos of the event


Day 1


- William Lucyshyn: Sixty years of US R&D procurements: Benefits of competitive dual sourcing

Economic Drivers: When and why to undertake a PCP

- Andrea Jánosi: Hungarian ambitions on PCP

- Brian Winn: Motivations from a procurer's point of view to underatke PCPs

- Ross Butler: Link between venture capital support and pre-commercial procurement

- Richard van Breukelen: Opportunities for PCP in the transport sector

- Jari Heiniluoma: Finnish new public demand driven innovation strategy - ambitions on PCP

Governance: How to organise future EC supported cross-border PCPs

- Michael Arentoft: Results EC PCP survey, current and possibilities for future EC support for PCP

- Christophe Veys: Suggestions for future EC support based on feedback from first PCP pilots

- László Fésüs: How to prepare Structural Funds operational programmes to implement PCP

- Oluf Ravn: What should be covered by PCP support to meet real procurer's needs

- Ann-Mari Fineman: New VINNOVA PCP program

- Eric Berglund: PCPs via international bodies active in public areas of cross-border interest

- Paloma Velasco Garcia: PCP ambitions in the renewed Spanish plan for research and innovation

Day 2


- Ulf Dahlsten: It's all about Time to Market

- Sinan Tumer: Mainstreaming PCP across Europe - Industry Perspective

Breakout 1 on cross-border PCP cooperation in Photonics

- Thomas Skordas

- Eli Levi

- Andre Roos

- Daniel Senff

- Geoff Archenhold

Breakout 2 on cross-border PCP cooperation in ICT for healthcare and ageing well

- Suzan Ikavalko

- Brian Winn

- Oluf Ravn

- Francesco Molinari

Breakout 3 on cross-border PCP cooperation in ICT for Transport

- Juhani Jaaskalainen

- Marion Braams

- Andreas Zacharasiewicz

- Coen Faber

- Ian Chalmers

- Olivier Latouille

Breakout 4 on PCP practical implementation, good practice handbook and a network developing future cross-border cooperation

- Lieve Bos

- Christophe Veys

- Ann-Mari Fineman

- Agnes Berde

- Brian Winn

- Peter Druga

Breakout 5 on cross-border PCP cooperation in ICT for sustainable growth

- Lisa Dale

- Paula Trinidade

- Helena Estevan

- Alvaro Oliveira

Breakout 6 on cross-border PCP cooperation in e-infarstructure

- Bernhard Fabianek

- Dai Davies

- Thomas Lippert

- Jean Gonnord

- Dieter Kranzlmueler

 Conclusions -

- Suzan Ikavalko


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